Tooth whitening Corona

Tooth Whitening Corona

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Reasons for teeth whitening in Corona

Tooth whitening Corona
Tooth whitening Corona

When it comes to having the most attractive smile possible, it’s easy to find reasons for our tooth whitening Corona. Here at Blash Dentistry, you can have it one at our office, or enjoy our convenient take-home version instead.

The most obvious reason that you would want to take advantage of our easy, simple, and safe process for transforming your teeth into brighter ones is that they have become stained, discolored, or dull. You will most assuredly feel more confident and have greater self-esteem when your teeth are whiter. The real question is how do you lose that essential whiteness? Habits are frequent culprits. At the top of the list is tobacco. You’ll often hear that smoking causes you to need our tooth whitening Corona, and that’s true, but it’s really any use of tobacco, even those that are smokeless. Beverages such as coffee, tea, cola, and red wine are consumed every day by so many people. If you indulge in one or more, you have likely seen the outcome as it relates to your teeth coloring. The same is so if you eat berries, curry, soy sauce, and hard candy, among others. Prescription medication also leads to discoloration that you need our tooth whitening Corona to counteract. Beyond the listed habits, you can also suffer from fluorosis, a condition that results from excess fluoride during tooth development. And conversely, as you age, your tooth enamel slowly wears down, only to reveal the duller tissue beneath. The great thing about the whitening treatment that we offer is that noticeable benefits occur quickly. Also, it is safe on your enamel. Keep in mind that store-bought products can have abrasive ingredients that put your enamel at risk.

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