Root canal in Corona

Root Canal in Corona

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It goes without saying that avoiding root canals is a worthwhile goal, since it means you won’t suffer an infection in your tooth nor the pain that goes along with it. But the reality is that there are times when the very best option is our root canal in Corona CA. At Blash Dentistry, we’re experienced in performing this vital procedure that results in rescuing your tooth so that it will not have to be removed.

The causes of root canals can be traced back to the protective layers of your tooth. They’re where they are so that bacteria will be kept on the outside. So what lets them in? A large cavity can create a path, as can a deep filling. And when a tooth become chipped, cracked, or injured in any way, it is unfortunate that bacteria are just waiting for their opportunity to pounce. Your pulp is located near the nerve, at the base of the tooth. When it becomes infected, the symptoms you are likely to experience begin with pain, most typically when you chew with or apply pressure to the tooth. Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks is also common. Less often, but still possible, are tooth discoloration and gum tenderness. There are only two treatment options. You can have the tooth extracted, but this is not recommended unless it is determined that our root canal in Corona CA is not a viable possibility. After all, you would then have empty space, which is not cosmetically appealing, can cause your other teeth to shift, and can make chewing less efficient. Instead, option A, our root canal in Corona CA, is what should be attempted. And the success rate is over 90%, so you can be confident in the result.

At the first sign of tooth pain, contact our office right away. The sooner you are seen and evaluated, the more likely that the outcome will be a good one.

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