Corona toothache

Corona Toothache

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Common causes of toothaches in Corona

There can be various unusual reasons for a toothache, such as those that result from advanced gum disease of the jaw condition TMJ disorder. However, the common causes of toothaches are cavities, damaged teeth, and infections. At Blash Dentistry, we provide expert care in a timely manner, so don’t hesitate to get the attention you need right away.

One aspect that all of the common types of toothaches share is that they are all due to the fact that the outer layers of the tooth have become compromised and therefore have exposed the delicate nerve inside. Your enamel and dentin layers ordinarily act as barriers that keep your teeth protected. The pain of a toothache is bad enough, but the more time that elapses from when you first notice the pain until you come in to have your Corona toothache treated, the greater the chance is that bacteria will get inside and lead to an infection of the pulp, which is adjacent to the nerve. The type of treatment for your Corona toothache is based on the reason for it, so if you have a cavity or a loose or lost filling from an older cavity, the solution is a new filling. Chipped or cracked teeth require the placement of a crown over them to restore their protective barriers and appearance. And when an infection is sustained inside the tooth, the clock is ticking to have it addressed. Root canal therapy must be performed. Don’t be worried. It’s a comfortable and smooth treatment nowadays, done under local anesthesia. And with a 90% success rate, there is an excellent chance that you will be able to keep your tooth and not have it extracted.

We take your Corona toothache very seriously. Reach out to us immediately and we will have you seen as quickly as we can manage.

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