Corona root canal

Corona Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Corona

How do you know if you need root canal therapy? The only way to be certain is to visit our office here at Blash Dentistry so that you can be examined and have x-rays taken. However, there are signs that will lead to come in, even if the diagnosis is not a certainty. Among them are pain in your tooth, often severe, and especially when you apply pressure to the tooth or chew food with it. Sensitivity to foods and drinks that are either hot or cold is common. And you might also notice gum tenderness or tooth discoloration. Swelling may also be present, as can pus. All of the above indicate you need prompt attention.

Our Corona root canal is performed when there is an infection inside your tooth. How does that happen? When your tooth is structurally sound and complete, it’s not possible at all. But cavities, loose or lost fillings, and chipped or cracked teeth create a breach in the protective layers of your tooth, and that breach leaves an opening for bacteria to find its way in. The pulp of a tooth is delicate and is at the base, right next to the nerve. This infected tissue has to be removed so that the tooth can be saved. Our Corona root canal is a non-surgical treatment in which the tooth is drilled down to the point where our dentist can access the pulp and nerve, take them out, and then clean and disinfect the canals. Afterward, the canals are sealed, which completes the treatment. Later, once the tooth has healed, a dental crown is placed on top and cemented to the tooth, restoring its normal size and function.

Our Corona root canal has a high success rate, and is a far better option than having the tooth removed. So contact us to arrange an appointment right away.

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