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A saying that has grown popular in recent years is “a smile is a curved line that sets things straight.” However, at Blash Dentistry, we have a different saying: braces are the line that sets your smile straight. Obviously, even within the last decade dentistry has had many changes – especially in orthodontia. And our Corona orthodontist is very proud of the clear braces option that we now have available.

Conceptually, braces have not changed. They are typically still composed of metal brackets and wires. They are intended to help your teeth slowly straighten out over time as they are strategically and slowly tightened by the orthodontist. All of the pain and discomfort that braces cause are of course something that people can smile about in retrospect. Having clear braces available at Blash Dentistry through our Corona orthodontist allows for adults who may have needed braces when they were younger but were unable to get them to get them now.

Many of our adult patients have already gotten clear braces with our Corona orthodontist and have simply been overjoyed with the results. They are less noticeable than traditional braces but accomplish the same results. We do not think adulthood is too late for you to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Don’t just brush this off – stop by Brash Dentistry and ask us about the options available to you.

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